First Challenges: in the diary!

We’re not even a fortnight into the New Year and it looks like I might complete my first Challenge this weekend! I also have two further Challenges arranged… and that’s not even counting the fact I’ve started my blog (you’re reading it – hurrah!), as Huw and Cathy suggested I do. (Blogging about #ChallengeKate wasn’t technically a #ChallengeKate, but hey, it kinda counts, right, Huw & Cathy?)

It’s so exciting. New #ChallengeKate proposals keep coming in, too – some simple but fun, others that will involve a little more planning. I aim to add a page to this blog soon to record who’s Challenged me to do what, with dates they’re planned for and completed. Keep them coming! The aim is for this to run throughout 2017.

And, of course, I shall share with you how I get on at each one.

So, what’s coming up?

Well, first up this weekend. Stacey originally Challenged me to do the Harry Potter London Walk. We agreed that would be better-suited to a springtime date, so in the meantime she suggested we visit the House of MinaLima – a shop-come-gallery in Soho that has an exhibition of graphic artworks from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. When the first Harry Potter book was released I read it really just to see what all the fuss was about. I enjoyed it but concluded it was ‘just’ a children’s book, and wasn’t gripped enough to follow the rest of the series. My first visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando in 2012 piqued my interest more – not least because of Stacey’s incredible enthusiasm for the amazing sets in the theme park. I vowed to read the books once we were home. I didn’t. But a return visit to Florida the following year renewed my interest and this time I did read all seven books, back to back. And quickly they did grip me. I confess I’m now a Harry Potter fan. House of MinaLima will, I’m sure, be fascinating.

The other two #ChallengeKate events accepted are very different but equally enticing. First of all, Lucy Challenged me to dine with her at ‘Dans Le Noir?’, a restaurant in Clerkenwell that is in the pitch black and waited on by blind waiters. The restaurant has been on my radar for some time, as I’m intrigued to see how my tastebuds react when the visual stimulation I get from a delicious meal is removed. They say your tastes are significantly heightened. I’ll let you know… We’re booked in for 31st January. Hurrah!

Secondly, Jon has Challenged me to compete with him on the F1 Simulator in Horley. I mentioned in my last post that Jon is a fellow petrol-head and also a competent karter – so I’m not so sure I’ll beat him. I’m looking forward to giving it a damn good go, though! I don’t know which circuit I’ll get to drive (they offer all the current F1 tracks), but it’d be good to try to find out before, so I can do some homework and learn the corners. We’ll get a decent amount of practice then it’s into a 15-minute or 30-minute race – complete with podium ceremony at the end (no mention of Champagne, though, I note…). I’m not sure how realistic the experience will be (I’m pretty sure I won’t be subjected to quite the G-forces Lewis Hamilton et al endure), but hey, it sounds like just my cup of coffee. Can’t wait. It’s booked for 11th February. Vroom!

Right. Better get on with adding that page on here to list all my nominated #ChallengeKate ideas. There are already almost too many to remember. Keep them coming!


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